Startup EVENTS

Zurkow StartUp Festival @ Kraków
Lis 23@18:00 – Lis 26@23:30

The Zurkow festival is an international event in Krakow (Poland) that is all about innovation today, international collaboration, networking and good music.

The festival’s main focus lies on the exchange of polish and swiss startup wisdom, music and culture. But of course people from every nation and cultural background are more than welcome to take part in this exceptional event.

The festival will kick off at Thursday evening, November 23th and will end on Sunday November the 26th after a series of eye opening workshops, presentations and two nights of highly energetic music.

International collaboration is one of two focus topics at the Zurkow Festival. 

The goal behind the festival is a symbiosis of StartUp scenes. For now mainly the ones in Krakow and Zurich. That’s also how the name Zurkow came to life.

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